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What is Payoneer – Internet Payment Gateway or Service.

What is Payoneer
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What is Payoneer

What is Payoneer. We all must have heard the name of the Payoneer. This is a company which provides online money transfer service. In 2005 a person named Yuval Tal has first establishes this company. This company providing its service and working in approx more than 150 to 200 countries. Today we will try to know more information about Payoneer. It is a fast and reliable payment method or payment option.

From over 200 countries Payoneer millions of businesses and professionals are now able to grow globally and connect with each other through this cross-border payment platform.

Payoneer provides fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions service. businesses and professionals With the help of its markets, networks worldwide can pay and get globally. This service for them is so easy as they do online payments locally without any debit card. To maintain consistency in providing a better service and experience Payoneer striving boldly. Also It works very efficiently as it provides very effective customer support to its clients.

European Union and US money transfers

All Indian professionals, Business owners and freelancers are now able to receive payments from EU or Any American companies.
The service of EU and US payment from this method provides a facility to transfer and receive money from international companies directly to Payoneer. As like if anyone have the account of US or EU then he/she can transfer or receive money through this method. There is a charge of some amount which will charged by your bank. Now Payoneer also charging some minimal amount from its customers for their each transaction.

Payoneer empowers professionals in India

It provides a power to global commerce through its cross border payment platform by connecting professionals, businesses and currencies. This company also makes millions of professionals and businesses to reach to their new target audience. This is done by providing them cross border seamless payments from more than 200 countries. This company working very effectively in this border less digital world.

Google believes Payoneer

Many leading enterprises have faith on this company in terms of mass payment as like Airbnb, Google, Getty images and upwork etc. All the professionals and businessmen in both emerging and developed market use this payment method and pay easily. They can able to do this due to fast ,secure and reliable service of this company. It provide its own payoneer mastercard or payoneer prepaid mastercard.

New services of Payoneer and the difference between old and new services:

Now Payoneer provides its service to Indian payoneer customers for payment transfer and receive. For using this service they do not want any prepaid master-card. Using this service of this company they can transfer any amount in their Indian rupees INR to their local bank account. In This type of transaction bank will charge some amount. Now for such transaction Payoneer also start charging a minimal amount that is minimum 3 dollars or above.

European and US Union Payment Service :

Payoneer also provides its customers a US and EU Payment service. This type of service is very much helpful for those who wants to develop their business or work with international clients. All such transaction with these countries are now can be done easily through this payment method.

For using such service a person should have a EU or US account that can be created easily with this company. This account will give facility to receive transfers / money to your Payoneer account from different Companies. For each such transactions bank and now this company also will charge some amount. Any one can able to trade Globally through this payment method. SEPA transfers to European countries and ACH transfers to US both types of transaction can be easily done by this payment option.

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Register on Payoneer:

When you got registered on Payoneer and made you account with this company. You have to enter your local bank account details. As soon as this will get approve you can receive your amount in your Payoneer account. Then it will automatically transfer it to your bank account in form of local currencies. Which will reflect in your bank local bank account within 10 to 14 business days. Then you can withdraw funds from your bank account. Also while doing this it will send you notifications in detail also in your register email id.

Suppose if you are working with a company of any country and living in India. You get your income in dollars. In such case it can be a very good option for you for your transactions..

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