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Super Gaming PC Build Intel 10th Gen i5 & GTX 1660

Super Gaming PC Build Intel
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Super Gaming PC

I’m back with a brand new gaming PC build. This is a new Super Gaming PC build using Intel 10th gen i5 CPU and lit gaming PC. Using Intel i5 10600 k CPU. This game PC will offer you like a perfect balance between both performance as well as the looks. So that is something you have to keep in mind. It going to be great for gaming provides me excellence also tell you some alternative component suggestions. Which you can follow the reduce the cost of this bill or you know even increase the cost if you have the budget.

Components for Super Gaming PC:


Now lets discuss about the components that will be used to build this Super Gaming PC. First lets discuss about the CPU. which is Intel 10th gen i5 10 600 k this is a 6 core 12th CPU with base clock frequency of 4.1 ghtz and max Turbo frequency of around 4.8. This is like a really good gaming CPU for that price. One thing you’ll have to say is how the thermal sound the seep will perform. This is the first time I am also being able with the Sci-Fi rights and quite curious to see how good the thermal on this thing. So that will get to see. high frame.

Super Gaming PC Build Intel 10th
Super Gaming PC Build Intel 10th

The Motherboard

Next if we talk about the motherboard now this is new tenth generation CPU so we will have to get the new motherboard from the brands. This time a chosen MSI. This is their brand new MSI mpg z490 e Kaba gaming Wi-Fi motherboard as it was really cool motherboard. it’s got some robot part design. Also that comes with some really good features as well. What are you really like about this motherboard is a design.

Guys it got a complete Carbon fibre like finishing and looks. Really good valuable piece is used in it but one thing you have to keep in mind. That is this Karbonn gaming Wi-Fi motherboard is a bit on the expensive side. Now if you don’t have that much budget that it costs only 27000 rupees. if you don’t have that budget of spending 27k on motherboard then suggest you to go with some budget alternative. Which comes from MSI you can check out Z498 Pro motherboard MSI guys. That costs around 15 aur 16 Thousand rupees that will be better. Here only usable eleven twelve thousand rupees.

Graphic Card for Super Gaming PC :

So that now if we discuss about a graphic card I’ve chosen GTX 1660 super. it’s like a great combo price i5 and GTX 1660 super perfect combo for this. For 1080 p k me and also as a suggested before.

If you are saving some money at the motherboard you can actually invest that in the graphic card and maybe upgrade to the rtx 2060 super. That will provides you a future-proof 1443 gaming as well.

Super Gaming PC Build Intel 10th
Super Gaming PC Build Intel 10th

RAM for Super Gaming PC :

Now moving next towards the RAM. When we consider the RAM we will use t-force nighthawk RGB 16GB RAM for this build. Here we are using some brand new components from this brand known as game DS. This game DS is a gaming brand which makes a lot of pc components. As like PC cases that into a highly liquid coolers and not only that they even make gaming furniture like gaming share gaming tables and stuff like that which are really good quality components that at affordable prices.

Cooler and Power Supply for Super Gaming PC:

The cooler and musings also from them it’s called the Gionee M2 light it to 240mm ARGB liquid cooler and that is what we will be using and lastly lets move to the power supply which is a 750 watt 80 plus gold rate a power supply from Antech. So we can actually settle down for a 650 watt power supply also that will also get our job done but we are using the 751.

The case :

lastly if you talk about the case its also a game Game DS. Only we are using their special talos case. Is any RGB case that comes with tempered glass panels on the front and side and also pre-installed 3ARGB. Fans is beautiful compact with our case. So these are the components that we will use for this Intel i5 bild.

Lets get started with the assembling of Super Gaming PC

Building an intel PC is really simple. The first step is installed this brand-new 10th gen Intel i5 on your motherboard. Unlike AMD cpus Intel cpus do not have pins on the bottom side they only have gold contacts. Talking about the socket size m p g z 490. Gaming carbon motherboard comes with this brand new LG 8100 socket and this is how you need to install the CPU.

Fixing CPU

just open the liver and lift the bracket to expose the socket. Now take your CPU and before installing make sure to check and align. The gold triangle on the CPU with dotted mark on the motherboard to be aligned. Once you do that gently dropped it down. Put the brackets that static goes under the screw and pull down the liver to lock the CPU In its place. This is successful installation will populate the plastic cover on the top. It done with the CPU parts.

Installing RAM

Now let’s install the RAM. We are going with the force nighthawk RGB and using 2 8GB RAM. Stick slaughter 3600 megahertz so that sums up to a total of 16 gigs of ram. For this build just open the RAM slot liver, check for the direction, and push it firmly until the lever locks itself. We have successfully installed that RAM.

Fixing Motherboard

Next is the time to fix the motherboard in the case. The GAME DS stylus 2 is a compact Mein Tower RGB PC case. That supports many itx micro ATX and ATX motherboard places. At 490 Karbonn in the cabinet and a line at such that all the cabinet spaces match with the screw holes on the motherboard.

Fixing Liquid cooler and Radiator

Take some hardware screws that you get your case and start fixing the board. As they always say go in a zigzag pattern and don’t over tighten. The screws once its done time to move on to the next component which is a liquid cooler.

We using Gion M 2 light from game DS and before that fix the fans on the radiator. Its all good to go will be fixed in the radiator at the top side and the pump on the CPU. So let me fix radiator using some screws provided in the box. Radiator part is done and before we install the AIO pump on the CPU. Always make sure to apply some good quality thermal paste on the processor now where good to fix AIO pump on the CPU.

Finally to finish the installation of CPU

Place a pump and fix it firmly using the provided I didn’t Intel Mount bracket and the screws in the box. lastly tighten the screws to finish the installation. We are almost done with the bild. The only few things left are the GPU SSD and the power supply. The GPU were used in this build is GTX 1660 super from NO3. We will be installing this in the PCI slot close to the CPU. Just open the liver, place a GPU in the slot and push it until the level locks itself. lastly let fix a power supply.

Ready to Reboot

Its a 750 watt 80 plus gold rated PSU from ANTEC and goes in this PSU section of the case. There is a nice showed in the case that help the PSU and cable management. Now what we will do it quickly install the SSD connect all the cables. Now the build is completely done and ready to boot. The issue here while assembling is a compact case. We could fix radiator SAT4 force nighthawk RGB Ram was a bit big in size due to its aggressive design. So we have to replace them with hyperx Fury 8GB RAM and that caught the problem sorted. Now let the power on and see how does it looks like. Its really looks amazing when you start it.

Showcase your beautiful fans

On both the front and the side to showcase your beautiful RGB components inside. Not only that it got open cutouts on the front side per good air flow and thermal management. This also have a beautiful look in liquid cooler and those ARGB fans from Game DR’S. The AIO pump has a mirror finish look with ARGB lighting. That can be easily sync with your motherboard software.

Now in the set is the full HD 4k resolution IPS monitor from LG and the peripherals are from Corsat. This company also having a good customer service.

Now a let’s discuss about the performance.

This build is pathway Intel 10th gen i5 10600 k. It’s a 6 Kotwal thread CPU with a base clock frequency of 4.1 gigahertz and max Turbo frequency of 4.8 gigahertz. if gaming is your priority than this is a ideal choice of CPU for you on a mid-range budget. if you ask about the multitasking or the raw CPU performance then to be honest guys i have never seen actually better alternative for those in the sort of works but you let me tell you that the i59600k as excellent overclocking potential. So there’s still plenty of juice that you can squeeze out property in the CPU. Now let’s move over the gaming section We can play some triple a title games at any TV resolution with the traffic quality set to maximum. first let’s start with GTA 5.

Monitor the starts

You can monitor the CPU starts at the top left corner of the screen and by the way we use a gamepad to play all these games the most of the time we can use these games only for bench marking but that’s because you can easily compare different built. That will be really a buttery smooth gaming experience for you all . On an average was playing GTA 1082p Max graphics we will get around 95 frames per second excellent gaming results for the price and you will not face any sort of the hicups or slow down or anything like that so far Also when we discuss about the thermal you totally did not expect this while building at the CPU temperatures it is only fluctuating a-52 53 degree centigrade and max eye sore straight 30 minutes is around 55 degree centigrade.

Reliable gaming pc

The N5 10600 ke was running very cool to Game DS’s to provide such light cooler also there’s an advise for you all you can actually save some money by getting a 120mm AIO from Game DS. see you don’t actually need 240mm liquid cooler service bild the 121 would be just fine specially if you are on a tight budget. thatsall Friends we have discussed all about a very fast and reliable gaming PC build. Hope you will enjoy the installation. In next article we will discuss about rtx 2070 super pc with m.2 ssd disk and 16gb ddr4 RAM. amd ryzen for also successful for playing games which should be a ray tracing.

geforce rtx 2070, geforce rtx 2060, nvidia geforce. gaming desktop, amd radeon all these will used in our next pc build.

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