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Story of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos : How a old book seller became the world richest man.

Story of Amazon founder
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Story of Amazon founder

Jeff Bezos is the founder of a company Amazon which is an American e commerce company. This company has crossed the mark of 200 billion dollars. He is the now the first first who is able to touch the highest affluence peak. On Wednesday the shares of his company reached to the records level. Lets discuss about the story of Jeff which is very interesting as he is now among the richest person of the world. This is the Story of Amazon founder.

Jeff has started his company with only 3 computers inside a Garage.Also he had created some online sales software. At initial point his parents also supports him and raised him up with three million dollars. With the idea of selling old books from a garage he started his Amazon.

Jeff Bezos founded a company

In July 1994 Jeff Bezos founded his company although he started it in 1995. He firstly wanted to name his company as Kadebra.com but just after 3 months due to some new ideas he changed his company name to amazon.com. Again Jeff started selling books online on his website from July 1995. Initially his website was an online bookstore. As the time passed Jeff also started selling other products also like dvds, clothing, electronics etc. As he started initially his website amazon sold books in approx 50 US countries and 45 other countries. At the initial time the books has to be packed by keeled on ground and also has to be deliver the packets himself.
After a lots of hard word Jeff made a good income of 20000 dollar a week in 1995. Jeff also is the founder and ceo of Amazon.

Story of Amazon founder
Story of Amazon founder

Amazon Kindle Book Launch

Again in e-book reader market Amazon launched a amazon kindle book. With the help of this the book can be easily read and downloaded for future use. This idea helps company to gain a huge profit very soon as it was convenient for users. Using such idea customers does not have to wait a lot. They can now just get their desired study materials within few minutes.

Amazon Customers Increased

Amazon customers number increased from 80 thousand to 17 lakh in first five years. As a result the sales of Amazon also increased from 5,11,000 dollars to 1.6 billion dollars. As the result amazon share also got high. Now Jeff Bezos is the most richest person in world at the age of less than 35. This today reached to 200 billion dollar mark. Also in modern history Jeff Bezos is on the affluence peak. His total assets have now crossed 150 billion dollars today according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index. Which is not less than any other history. His Company Amazon is the main reason behind his richness as its value increases day by day by leaps and bound. Today amazon prime is also a new trend which offers special discounts to amazon special customers.

Except this Jeff is also made his position among world wealthiest man in modern history in Bloomberg. The second position is occupied by Bill Gates. He is the man of assets whose value is 95.5 billion dollars.

How Jeff works

Jeff Benzos likes to work with peoples having positivity in their work. Jeff work in an open space. He had also maintained a good synergy with his employees. He loved the employees who always work for their performance enhancement continuously and honestly.
As Jeff feels that for any company the employees having positive energy is most important. Such peoples can also help to take the company to next level also. According to Jeff The person without any hesitation and having ability to take challenges are his favorite. he likes such peoples. To achieve good results only such type of peoples can have an ability to choose difficult paths.

Jeff Bezos Childhood : Story of Amazon founder

In January 12 1964 Jeff was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was the son of Jackie Jorgensen and father Ted Jorgensen. He made a desire to develop a colony in space as he was his fantasy, when he was completing his high school. From Princeton university he had completed his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor in science in 1986.

Today Jeff is the richest man but he had also faced a time of cash strapped. His parents got divorced when he was only of 4 years. At that time his family financial condition was also not good. His mother got remarried.

Jeff worked in the field of computer science. Initially jeff was working for a company to build an international business network.

Later he founded Amazon.com

Jeff has total of 150 billion dollars. He has decided to donate about 40 million dollars to cancer research center which he had fulfilled. His name is not yet placed among the billionaires. Others 167 richest persons also decided to donate their half wealth.

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