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Sony earbuds Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS Earbuds
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sony earbuds

Usually not that excited about it but this one is a special type of earbuds. Sony earbuds guys because this is so nice top-of-the-line. Premium TW the WF-1000XM3 it’s like the flagship level premium tea WS Atkins system unit of the line.

sony earbuds Features :

Features of this product is Top class like industry-leading active noise cancellation of the same one found on thousands Mark 3 over.

The head model and only that it has some exclusive other features as well with fully customisable touch controls. It has built-in Google Assistant alexa and a lot of other awesome features like ambient sound control.


It comes under small white box compact packaging added to Sony brand at the front of the box. Just like many other audio products and has a Sony branding on the front. The biggest highlight about this product is it but industry-leading active noise cancellation support also.

There a lot to talk about this feature will get there soon going down it for some of its other features mention like it supports Google Assistant and does Alexa built-in it got 360 reality audio support of his crazy battery life and a truly wireless so those were some of its highlights.

Unboxing the product sony earbuds:

Inside when you open the box there is some paperwork and the top with some instructions on how to use the product and you will see the much awaited tws from Sony the flagship WF-1000XM3. It comes in very small size in black and gold colour while they look very premium and comes from my first love is also available in silver and gold but let me tell you these look absolutely gorgeous before we talk about them in that let you also tell you what is forgotten the box.

Wireless Charging case

There is a charging with the case with it with a similar black and gold design to match with the ear buds and along with their grade 6 pairs of letters in different sizes and Shades to meet your needs.
The whole packet of documents with this product with free 360 reality audio trial as well don’t forget to claim that and lastly a USB type C cable for charging the case so that all these are the items you got in the packet.
the brand-new WF-1000XM 3 is a damn beautiful to go to Sony branding written on the top and is not so big and are comfortable to use all are about the size of a red green and white light weight actually each of them was only around like a 8.5 grams.

Customizable Touch sensor

There is a glass area on earbuds on the top is a touch sensor which is fully customisable and you can activate a lot of functions used in. Coming to the build quality of the product is top-notch guys its made up of high quality polycarbonate and the backside you got some info regarding the product, the proximity sensor for their detection, the charging contact points and the quality of the earbuds is also nice feels soft and durable.

Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS Earbuds

Design and the build quality : These tiny little earbuds pack a lot of Technologies like they have Top class active noise cancellation dschxo support and also something known as sensing region we will be tell you about all these features later.

Charging Case : The charging case as well not the smallest cases in from Sony but very premium feel in the hand that I can say you can easily put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere.close to the Sony branding at the top plate of the case is made of metal in a copperish gold colour finishing the bottom part is made of polycarbonate and has a soft touch mat finishing and has a USB type C port on the bottom.
The inside of the case looks like a magnetic charging case and has two slots for the ear buds. You simply put the earbuds in the case as soon as you do that the case automatically start charging them thatsit.

Sony earbuds Comfort and the Sound :

That was a complete overview on the design and the build quality now let me just put them on and talk about the comfort and the Sound the WF1000x Mark III tws a lightweight and feel very comfortable for long time wearing the future at tRai hole structure design and do not follow that easy also. Now we will discuss about the noise cancelling part later but first let me discuss with you all about the sound.

sound quality

The sound quality on the Tws was excellent guys nothing less expected from sony’s top-of- the-line audio product feature 6mm dynamic drivers and of Amazing quality sound the mets felt crystal clear and specially listening to vocal content like podcasts or something like that they will produce smooth minutes with vocals. Everything is easily understandable with great clarity.

Digital sound Enhancement

When we discuss about the highest the high frequency response also pretty good. initially I was a bit skeptical because there is a not verified but let me tell you Sony of a something in exchange for that, its called dsc ear checks which is digital sound enhancement engine this feature upscale your regular compress music files bring us closer to the quality of hi res audio and let me tell you it is producing silky smooth trouble if you ask about the bass the base is of so nice and punchy it is offering the right amount of days without overwhelming they are the frequencies on the overall I really enjoyed the sound quality on them and is very satisfied with the result. One of the finest ews you can get in the market.

The distortion also very low and audio ordered also loud and satisfactory now let me tell you about the noise cancellation.

Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS Earbuds

sony earbuds Noise Cancellation

The WF1000x MARK III comes with special HD noise cancelling chip that not only takes care of the active noise cancellation.

It also does 24 bit audio signal processing and functions. As the result yopu can sit back as well. So you are going to completely enjoy your music with minimum disturbances from the outside.

Dual Noise sensor

Its not simple noise cancelling also guys it uses dual noise sensor Technology. Combined its sense engine to offer your dab to sound control feature. This feature detects the type of action you doing and automatically apply is required level of noise cancellation.

For example you just sitting at your home or you are in a flight then it completely blocked see outside noise.

Awesome music experience

So you will only enjoy the music experience and let me tell you it was done an excellent job. The best noise cancellation of seen on tws till now. Suppose if you start moving or running then it will automatically adjust the ambient sound settings. Such that will be aware of your surroundings hear all the announcement going on. Yet all of this was still enjoy your music pretty cool feature. It is working very well during my testing This will block all the unwanted low-frequency disturbances fan noise or just like the engine sounds and all other stuff like that.

Google Alexa

Not forget they also have a built-in microphone and Mic will do a great job during call conversations that the person could clearly hear and understand what he was talking along with that the WF-1000X MarkIII all size print your smart features that will than Google Assistant and Alexa NFC and also touch control feature fully customisable using the headphone connect up.

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The Battery life :

Lastly let me tell you about the battery life the battery life is also decent. On an average with the noise cancelling on. How you will get on 525 and offers a better life not to forget the case also comes with a built-in battery. That can charge the buds up to three times. So you can totally expect around 21 to 22 hours of the battery life on a single charge. The best part is it Quick Chat support also and Soni says that it 10 minute charge offers you on 90 minutes of play time.

Water Resistant Feature

Sony’s new WF-1000x market tws and down the best tws of scene with active noise cancellation. Its design in the comfort of their excellent noise cancelling features with great quality sound. Only thing I felt was this but they are not sweat for water resistant. You’ll have to be a bit careful while working out doing sports activities rest everything else was great. The cost around 18000 rupees in India. Know more about Harley Davidson

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