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SBI deliver cash at your doorstep through call or whatsapp message.

SBI deliver cash
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SBI State Bank of India launched card less withdrawal:

The Card less Cash Withdrawal Service in which SBI deliver cash is now launched by State Bank of India. In this service the SBI has given great convenience to its crores of account holders. The bank has made a major change in its banking system for this. In the Corona crisis, when people are facing the risk of infection.

Get cash by Whatsapp:

Due to which As Corona-virus Lock down took place in more than 500 districts and in 30 states of the country. If we discuss about the essential services they will continue. Banks will also be open at the same time, but if you are not able to go to ATM and Banks and if you need cash. In such situation bank will deliver cash at your doorstep. Will you call the bank home?

Yes, it is so. You can now call the ATM at your door. SBI deliver cash.

This facility of Card less Cash Withdrawal, giving great relief to its account holders. Only one phone call or whatsapp massage and money will reach to your doorstep in your safe hands by safe hands. This service in which SBI deliver cash has been Launched on behalf of the country’s largest public sector banks and some large private banks So that the common people of the country could save themselves from being infected during this pandemic even if cash is required. As this comes under essential services. it will be delivered at your door.

SBI started service for these account holders

Country’s largest bank State Bank of India has introduced this service for some special account holders. In which the bank employees will deliver cash money to your doorstep if you give them order. Even if you want to deposit money, then also this service can be availed. At present, this facility is for SBI Senior Citizen, specially enabled account holders. Anyone can take advantage of this service If he/she is ill or has any medical emergency.

What you have to pay for this facility

For this service, the account holder will have to pay Rs 100 for this service. One another service also introduced by SBI i.e now customers had not to pay the minimum balance and sms charges. Both these charges from now will be reimbursed which could bring a big happiness among the SBI customers. All these efforts from bank is done only to increase its number of customers, to attract customers.

SBI deliver cash
SBI deliver cash

Due to corona pandemic the bank account opening processes also gone slow. So to speed-en up their process and to attract customers these steps from bank could a big success for them.

HDFC Bank Service

The country’s largest private bank HDFC also started this service for its customers, but there is limit imposed by bank on this service. The customer can ask for Rs 5000 to Rs 25,000 from the bank. For this, they will have to pay a charge from Rs 100 to Rs 200.

Also Kotak Bank and Axis Bank also now providing the same service.

These are the rules of ICICI Bank

ICICI also started this facility for which the customers have to submit their application to [email protected] At the same time, you can also demand cash from the customer care service. This facility from bank is been provided from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Also here the customers has to pay some charges for using their facility.

The bank after application will deliver your money at your doorstep in few hours. You can buy from Rs 2000 to Rs 2 lakh from ICICI bank. Therefore, you have to pay 50 rupees as one time charge or 18 percent of the total amount.

Instant Loan facility also

If you do not have sufficient balance in your account and you suddenly need money then you can also get instant loan facility. There are some companies offering this type of loan in this environment. All you have to do is download their app in your mobile and complete KYC. In 12 to 24 hours you will get the loan money in your bank account.

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