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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features Design And specification

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra_4
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Is an Indian variant. That is part of no CPU and comes in a black hard box packaging. The front you will get an ultra new branding and even has a picture of the Aspen over there. Nothing much written on the box.

Going to the top you got some product details. The model we have right now is newest mystic bronze colour comes with two gigs of Ram. RAM is of 256 GB of on-board storage. On the bottom side because the pricing details as well they might be on the box is 116000 rupees.

it will be available to buy for around 104999/- in India. so that’s pretty much.

When you will open it the phone apart from Mistic Brown’s the phone will also be available in Mystic black colour variants and not to forget guys underneath the Top card there is an accessory box. Which includes a sim ejection tools and some paperwork inside that keeping them aside well the newest flagship Note series phone note 20 Ultra. it looks stunning in this new mistic bronze colour. Now lets discuss what we get in the box. You get the what super fast charger for the phone that i c to type C cable and lastly some 1 kg brand wired earphones in the box They looks pretty much the same as you get with a series lineup.

Now let’s move to the phone the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a total beast guys and is quite big in hands and it’s what is cylindrical form factor and is rounded corners on all the sides Because of these it gives you a good feel when you hold it . from the back it looks amazing gorgeous. You will love this new mistic bronze colour.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features and Design

The note 20 Ultra is definitely a big phone and weighs around 208 grams it comes with a 6.9 inch dynamic amold hdr10 plus 1443 display play with an adaptive refresh rate feature that means it supports 120 Hertz refresh rate full HD resolution but if you want the higher resolution which is 1440 P then it switches back to the standard refresh rate going to the top it for the whole punch camera at the center this one is a 10 Megapixel F2 want to selfie camera and one more awesome thing is the front and the back of the phone are covered in the new Gorilla Glass 7 As a result is provides super durability than the previews gen.

Now see what to have when all the sides :

On the right you got the power button and volume rocker about that the quality of the button is also very good at the top of this is a secondary microphone and hybrid sim card slot to the left is nothing. and moving on to the bottom is a primary microphone USB type C port it down firing speaker and a span. As a result of these it provides an enhance looks and Features.

To be honest mistic bronze looks like rose gold from an angle and has Satin finish on the glass very Royal and premium feel in hand. The back and front are entirely covered in Gorilla Glass and has a metal frame running on the centre of the Samsung logo at the center and going to the top you got that awesome camera setup which is some next level camera bump you seen till now but I can assure you that this has one of the best camera on a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Camera and video :

There is a Note 8 megapixel f 1.8 primary camera at 12 megapixel Periscope telephoto camera with 50x zoom and one more 12 as a result it provides a good picture

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra_3
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra_3

megapixel f 2.2 120 degree Ultra Wide Angle camera. The phone is also capable of shooting 8k video and as a tiny LED flash just beside that. So as a result that is about the cameras and talking over.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Battery and Charger :

The battery is the phone comes with the 4500 Milli ampere battery with a 25 Watt super fast charger. That was a complete overview on the design and build quality.

The special and as well and the crazy part is there. That they improved a lot on the latency the reduced from 40 to milliseconds to 9 milisec. Only so when you use it on your phone will

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra_5
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra_5

feel like they’re actually using a normal pen and writing on paper it happens like in real time. The price of this amazing Samsung Galaxy S20 in India is about 65 to 70 Thousand Rs.around. As result you can purchase it from any online websites or any digital shops.

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