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Reliance Owned Big Bazaar : Deal Finalized at 24,713 crores.

Reliance Owned Big Bazaar
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Reliance Owned Big Bazaar

Mukesh Ambani’s now owned Big Bazaar for Rs 24,713 crore The news comes that now Mukesh Ambani Reliance Owned Big Bazaar also, a famous retail brand. This deal got finalized in 24,713 crore. This is now confirmed by Reliance officially. Now Reliance Owned Big Bazaar. This India’s Largest retail acquisition makes Reliance retail As India’s 1st Retailer Already invincible.

Some of the facts here which every one should know :

Now Big Bazaar is a part of Reliance Retail:

Reliance retail declared that All the business as wholesale, logistic and retail of Future Group is now acquired by Reliance Retail in Rs. 24,713 Crores.This is an Official announcement by Reliance.

Big Bazaar of Future Group is now under Reliance retail:

Reliance according to its statement: The subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd that is Reliance retail Venture going to acquire the Wholesale, Retail, logistic and business from the Future Group. The main concern going to happen is on an approx lum sum sale basis for approx total sale consideration of Rs 24,713 crore.

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Now Reliance own which Brand :

Now Reliance will own Future Group Big Bazaar, Central, Easyday, all over India After this big acquisition. All these brand had all over India 1800 stores in different Indian cities.
Reliance Retail Director, Isha Ambani says: Very Happy to provide a home to renowned formats and brands of future Group.

What is the way this aquisition work:

Firstly there will be sold to a new entity formed named as Future Enterprizes Limited which will formed after the merger of all these retail business.

Reliance Owned Big Bazaar
Reliance Owned Big Bazaar

Secondly the Future Group Wholesale and retail business will transfer to Fashion Lifestyle and reliance retail. These both are Reliance Retail Venture owned subsidiary which is whole subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Third stage the remaining Warehousing and logistics will signed to Reliance Retail venture Ltd.

Now What The Future Group Hold :

After these big aqusitions the Future Group will now hold:

  1. FMCG goods distribution
  2. FMCG Goods manufacturing
  3. Fashion Sourcing Integration
  4. Complete manufacturing Business
  5. Joint Insurance venture with JVs and Generali with NTC mills.

What is next step after Reliance Owned Big Bazaar:

Future Group will now mainly focus over the manufacturing and distribution of FMCG Goods. Also on the fashion integrated merchandising and sourcing. Also to become the biggest and strongest online and offline retail owner the Reliance retail will develop its business and integrate it with e commerce. On the other hand, This is manage that there a debt exposure exist of Rs. 11000 crores, on Future Group.

Reliance now owned Big Bazaar but Brand name will not change:

As we have discussed about the deals between Future Group and Reliance industries. After this big deal Reliance now own :

Big Bazaar
Brand factor

Now this retail giant Reliance does have any intend to change any of the brand name which is established by Biyani Till the stocks move away. As the value of these all brand are already in a very high position in many cities in India and in various other places. So The Reliance will continue its business all with the same brand names.

the RIL Retail business which have a valuation of 23000 to 25000 is now acquired by Reliance venture. This RIL now planning to improve its store presence physically and also decided and planning to improve its functioning and operation of eCommerce state. Also now Its confirmed that Reliance is now ready all over to take debt of 13000 crores of Future Group in which the enterprise value also includes.

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