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PUBG may come back in India! Tencent China ditched by its owners

PUBG gPUBG: Does it wane away from the country or likely to moor again?ame
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We are hearing continously about this game PUBG develop in China thats why Indian Government ban this game in India. Due to this decision of Indian Government all the lovers of this game were devastated. As it is the most popular and trending games among Indian users and also in world. Till the present days it had about 5 crores downloads approx and after that it banned. but now PUBG may come back.

But wait here some good news is waiting !

The owner corporation of PUBG had now taken a good decision. They had decided to break all the tieups done with the company Tencent Of China. As this company Tencent in China develop this game PUBG and a separate another company PUBG Corporation owns it.
So in this way there will a chance for this game to return back in India soon.

The owner of PUBG had broken the ties with Tencent China:

To manage the publication of PUBG in India, Globally The true owner of PUBG has taken a decision. They decided to dig out the Tencent as their major move so that the Indian users og PUBG could retained.

This game PUBG got banned in India due to this China Based company Tencent as there was an affiliation with this company. This was the main reason why the game get banned in India.

In a statement given by PUBG corporation.They stated that : We hope to work hand in hand with Indian Government so that we can able to find a solution so that the gamers of India can again able to play the game along with complying the indian laws and regulations.

This make clearly that to baring the PUBG game back in India the PUBG corporation are trying very hard. They also want very eagerly to let the Indian gamer to enjoy this awesome PUBG game again as previous.

Link of PUBG with China :

As this is a MULTIPLAYER GAME: The owner of the PUBG is a South korean based gaming giant company named PUBG Corporation. PUBG Means PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUNDS.

The mobile version of this game is developed by the China based company named Tencent. Due to this version this game can be able to run on mobile devices which is free of cost. This Tencent had then distributed and published the mobile version of this game all over the world.

Then Here the Indian government banned this PUBG. In that case the mobile version only banned. The desktop version of this game is still available. Because this Tencent has no link developed with non mobile version. Now This PUBG corporation has made them separated with TENCENT. So Indian gamers now hoping for PUBG to come back in Indian.

PUBG has now developed new mechanism to prevent its inappropriate play :

Now PUBG video game has developed a new anti cheat measure to stop inappropriate play. Such development make them sure that nobody can able to take advantage of spectator mode.

This anti cheat measures is mainly developed for mobile cheaters.
As it was observed by the game developers that the advantages of spectra mode is being used in wrong way by mobile players. With this they are cheating the games enemies by gaining the upper hand and protecting the players in the game.

This is the main reason this anti cheater measure has been included in the game. Due to this implementation the things which are available for players only can be viewed by viewers. this way adopted to prevent the indication of enemies given by the viewers.

Additionally, The game developers has Also confirmed the issue of “one shot killed” ..

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About New Mechanism :

In spectra mode of PUBG new mechanism of new peer review also implemented. To check the visibility of a particular player to the host of the game in real time. Also to prevent the data from being transmitted to the viewer. In order to fulfill both these above requirements this new peer review mechanism is implemented.

According to developers , there are three factors on website on spectroming system. These are host, game server and viewer.
Two devices were used to show the enemy location it was also observed.

On the basis of a report : Two mobile phone will used by cheaters. One player will play the game normally and then take the spectator mode to use x-ray vision plugin to cheat.

whether the player is visible to the host in real time The game server will then be able to determine. if its not the location is also not transmitted to the audience of all other players.

Game cheaters will banned for 10 years :

The game data also will not be able to modify by the cheaters of the game. As in real time all the data of the game monitored by the new anti cheat mechanism.

The safety and reliability of the proposal can also be confirmed in this way.

The cheat that kills the player only in one shot and the screen is fixed.

This is issued by the game developers in their press release.
They had also confirmed that the one who is cheating will be banned for 10 years from the game. The ban pan project was launched last year and this new mechanism is a part of this project.

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