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Php Programming Language

Php Programming Language
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Overview of the PHP programming language.

Characteristics :

php is a server-side scripting language. It is the acronym stands for PHP hypertext preprocessor. it is integrated with many of the popular database or RDBMS in products like my SQL Oracle and others. PHP is one of the very first programming languages which can be embedded in an HTML source code then. Another advantage of PHP for the characteristic feature of PHP language is that it is an open source language. PHP is used in active server pages web page development of web applications. Its an scripting language.

It also has a very small a very strong command line interface so that using PHP code embedded in html you can build very good desktop standalone applications.

It is an object oriented language all the object oriented programming features is supported by PHP. php scripts are very easy to handle.

Php Syntax is similar to the C language so therefore it is easy for a newcomer to adapt or acquire the syntax of PHP language because it falls in C family of languages. PHP is supported by the Apache web server.

Infact PHP can be use along with many of the popular web server software like IAS or others. It comes under server side scripting languages.

PHP is a dynamically typed language that Unlike the C and C plus plus or even Java Prior declaration of a variable is not necessary in PHP.

So that’s why it’s called as a dynamically type language.

History of Php Development :

It always helps to know a bit of history so will have a look at the history of development of the PHP language.

The credit of developing PHP language was to Mr rasmus lerdorf. In 1994 come up with a set of CI bindings of certain scripts that is written in C and named them as personal home page tools that the name PHP came.

Php Programming Language
Php Programming Language

In 1996 he changed the nature of the php personal home page tools the CGI scripts to call it as PHP FI which stands for form integrated so it included inbuilt support for many of the DP RDBMS packages of the time for example BBM mssql and post. PHP now had a feature of integrating and HTML form and connecting it with a backend database like all this is the use of cookies and user defined functions also that was in 1996.

Php FI version 2

later on PHP FI was given a version 2 status php3 came about and that’s when the name PHP hypertext preprocessor was given.

Another two gentlemen Zee Suraski and Andi Gutmans these two people have a very important role to play in the development of PHP.

These two people when they were working in and it is really Institute of Computer Science. Then they came to know about this PHP and then they used this PHP for their own project.

Then they came out came up with zend engine which was an interpreter for the PHP language. So zend engine now has become the backbone of the entire PHP development it provides a.

It very mature interface with multiple database is that so that’s why PHP is becoming popular day by day. Protocols and API also supports the object oriented programming approach. Support is a very important feature and very consistent in a language. language also one of the important features of the PHP 3.0.

May 2000 Php 4

It supports many of the web servers as a set including the past and ions and engines. So its application became wider and wider.

PHP file is release in 2004 it is mainly drive by the Zen engine 2.0.

which is revise by two people with a new object model that is introduce at the particular time.

PHP is team includes a dozen of them there are so many contributors to the Php. PHP is entire project and these 2 pear. PECL community libraries are also powering the different extensions that are add is outgoing. Getting add into the repository of PHP extensions day by day so that is how we reach to 2004 as.

December 2015 PHP 7 :

Now recently as in December 2015 PHP 7 has been introduced. So if you see the series of events there in the PHP development after 3 version 4 version 5. There version 6 never came about and in December 2015 PHP 7.0 released. Actually it originally known as PHP next-generation PHP NG but after sometimes it is recognizes as a PHP 7.

what is new about it.

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The new features of PHP 7.0 :

Improved performance

Reduce memory usage.

The Skeleton type declarations.

The argument type declaration and

Return type declaration.

PHP 7.0 is a marked with change in PHP 7.0 has also a support for anonymous classes. To these are all the different new features that have been added into the PHP 7.0.

After developing website in this programming language you can go for web hosting. php syntax are very easy to understand.

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