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No Test Required At RTO To Get Driving License

No test required at RTO to get driving licence
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No Test Required For Driving License: On the goal of issuing as well as getting the driving license in an easy and hassle free way, the union ministry of transport launched a new driving license policy that has come into effect from July 1. As per the new policy, the entire process of filing the driving license has been made far easier due to being regulated by auto-monitored simulators or software. Moreover, the new method will save a significant percentage of users’ time instead of standing in long rows in front of regional RTOs (Regional Transport Office) offices, which was a common scenario for redeeming the driving license and accomplishing the tedious official methods even a few months back. 

A New Policy to Get Driving License: No Test Required For Driving License

As per the report, the new policy on applying for a driving license amalgamates both superior training classes and high quality driving clearing tests. Only after qualifying the test, the users will get the licence in hand that also ensures a permanent assurance of his skill of driving. Hence, this method clearly skips the exhaustive process of RTOs’ driving tests.

The Entire Course :

The entire course; from registering a file for the driving license to finally redeeming it in hand, would be conducted online. The training course, which too be conducted online, is further imparted into parts; classes for light vehicles and training for medium and heavy vehicles.

The Training Programme

The training programme for light vehicles encompasses a total duration of 29hrs that would be concluded within a span of  four weeks, from the date of commencement. In case of medium and large vehicles (trucks and large goods carriers), the course will be of 38 hrs, with a span of six weeks from the date of start. Both the courses are imparted into valuable theory and practical classes, as expressed by the ministry’s views.

Course includes both Heavy and Light Vehicles

The course program for both light vehicle and heavy vehicles will also glimpse on a few driving ethics on roads in order to mitigate road accidents and have better monitoring on road traffic jams, apart from enhancing the users familiarity with four wheelers. Lack of insufficient knowledge on driving and ineptness to understand Indian road pattern and natures, are considered to be one of most triggered reasons for road accidents in the country. However, with this new programme, it’s been anticipated to improve the situation on a major scale.

The Validity

Despite light and heavy motor licence, the course will also pay a focus on industry specialised training that seems to fulfill the dearth of skilled drivers in future. The accreditation time after getting the driving license that is of a general validity of 4-5 years can be renewed and extended further, said the ministry.

However, as learning driving classes online and so as filing the licence card online, would be the coming the future which  significantly values as well as save applicants time and help them by not to making a long stand waiting rail in front of RTO’s office for the same, let’s take swift glance on how the new system impinges users’ comfort and improve the entire process.

Significance of Entire Online Process : No Test Required For Driving License

  • As per the state and union transport ministry, NIC (National Informatics Centre) has made a software that auto simulates the system that will conduct the entire process; from the inculcation of driving training to issuing the licence card.
  • The software has also built up with an AI system that enables distinct recognition of each user.
  • Due to being solely controlled by the  online system, the process vividly lowers down numerous corruption involved in the process of getting it, i.e. bribing, unwanted procrastination of getting the licence card
  • Each e-learner will have a special ID number which enables a faster generation of the method.
  • It would also be easy to figure out the percentage of the population, who accomplishes daily transportation via personal vehicle but without a driving licence card.
  • The process will strengthen government’s initiative towards the fair accomplishment of the process
  • The verity and reliability of the online made accreditation card is far more plausible and impactful than the previous one.
  • Liability on online service will eventually improve, which always notches a good sign for a third world country like India.

What Seniors at Transport Ministry Says

As per the voice of a senior official from the transport ministry on the method of application on driving license online “The process will require applicants to register on the transport department website, that will allocate them a date on which they can take the learner’s license test from their homes. The applicant will go through a standard online tutorial, and can then take the test. The candidates will also have to sit for a test to check for colour blindness, after which the e-learner’s license will be issued,”  Let’s wish the new policy of the transport ministry can aill and allevate user’s feasibility on getting the license positively in future.

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