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Microsoft and Walmart to buy TikTok together, bid together

Microsoft and Walmart
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Microsoft and Walmart to buy TikTok

In last few days TikTok has undergone lots of controversy. Due to that its continously remained in spotlight.
Now It has taken a new turn, Where to buy TikTok US retail giant company with Microsoft Walmart has entered into a joint bid. Oracle In this race (Oracle) Corporation was already involved and now one more company Walmart also become a part of this race.

Sale Deal of TIKTOK

According to the report, The deal could be in dollars. TikTok parent company Bytdance is very close to an agreement. US President Donald Trump had stipulates a 90 days deadline to sell its businesses in Canada, Australia and New Zealand and US. This sale deal has been decided to be close between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion. Sources said that it has not yet selected the buyer, but the deal could be announced in the coming days.

Currently TikTok future is uncertain as it has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration. As in US Trump administration has declared an order to ban the transactions with its parent company BytDance within 45 days. In the coming time how beneficial it will be for American companies to acquire it Nobody can say about it at present .

Walmart Confirmation

With the confirmation of Walmart, including Oracle., it had joined several others company which trying to acquire the tech company.
Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove decline to say how the two companies would split TikTok ownership if they had a winning bid, and whether the retailer would own a majority.

Kevin Mayer the CEO of TikTok has resigned from his post just within 6 months of reinstated in amidst of all political ups and down. This political ups and down includes many incidents such as Dispute of Trump with the government, apps banning in India, company selling topic in India.

TIKTOK CEO Resignation

Kevin announced this resignation through email noticed first by Financial times. It was then informed in the report that with immediate effect the company’s GM Vanis Papaz has been appointed as the interim CEO of TiKTok.

After Microsoft and Walmart Reliance can also take the reins of Tiktok India

Ever since the news of TikTok, it has been reported that US operations of TIKTOK in the US being purchased by Microsoft, Since then, there has new point of talk about buying India’s operations is also spreading. Previously only Microsoft name was in front. Now the name of Reliance Industries (Reliance Industries) has also came up. There a news also spread that TIKTOK CEO had also talked with Reliance Officials.

Reliance Officials what thinks

By the way, Reliance has declared all this statement to buy TIKTOK as a rumored also there is no statement came from Tiktok. According to the media officials there was a meeting held. This meeting is between Mayer and reliance top officials about the TIKTOK India operations. After that there is a thinking going on among Reliance and Jio about whether buying Tiktok in the present will be a profitable deal for future or not. Because due to voilance of the Galvan Valley now China and its products have become under negative sentiments.Here at same time the media also confirming that the contact between Reliance and Bytdans remains. but when Reliance was contacted in this regard they declared this all as a rumor.

Microsoft and Walmart to buy TikTok
Microsoft and Walmart to buy TikTok

Company says

The company said that only under SEBI regulations they will share all the required information with stock exchange through an agreement. Also In this matter Microsoft refused completely to talk about this matter. Also no statements has came from Kevin Mayer. On the other hand for TIKTOK selling its US operations.

the deadline has been decided which is 15 September and Its also got signed by President Donald Trump.

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President Trump Order

As per the order it is declare that the US Operations should be sell either to Microsoft or to any other US company. Also the data will withdrawal from Chinese companies. If in case it does not happened then the company will get completely banned forever. Also TIKTOK will get ban in other countries such as Japan etc. As a result Microsoft is now planning to buy the global operations.

Oracle’s got included in list of tiktok buyers, big statement from Trump

Now one more name has been added in the list of TIKTOK buyers which is ORACLE Corp. Now there will be a giant battle between big companies as like Microsoft, Oracle etc. The negotiations for deal price started between oracle and TIKTOK investors. These are still at an early stage.

Statement from Mr.Trmp

Again here American President Donald Trump has given a statement.
As this statement he has given supports Oracle. This states that according to him Owner of Oracle is very Great and amazing man. Oracle is a big and great company and it can capable to purchase and handle the TIKTOK. While there is many more other companies also who are willing to buy TIKTOK.

Deadline decided

To buy TIKTOK president has decided and given only 90 days. In which the rights related to North America. New Zealand and Australia will transfer to an American Company. There is a special point as the Oracle Company owner is very close to President Trump. This may be also a reason that this Company is taking interest in this deal of buying TIKTOK. Here Bytdance has also no other option except selling its AMerican operations but its under a process of cracking best deal by talking among various companies.

Microsoft and Walmart to buy TikTok together

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