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Honda Smallest Electric car : Its features and Price

Honda Smallest Electric car
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Honda will Launch its first electric car in India Lets discuss Honda Smallest Electric car price and features : Today There are many electric cars launched by different automobile companies across the country. Previously the electric car was launched by Tata Motors and Hyundai now Honda which is a Japanese company also going to launch its electric car in India. It will be a hatchback. Let me tell you one thing that This month the Honda e introduced earlier also in Europe. Mainly this car design is mainly for city driving.

Honda Smallest Electric car Design

This electric car from Honda will comes in a very compact design along with many other specialties equipped. This car has best in class features one can say. This car is very nice to drive on urban roads according to an information. Handling this car is very easy and also its very smooth and easy to drive. In narrow paths also this car can performs well.

In respect to electric vehicles the craze among people is really increasing gradually. As a result the motor companies such as Tesla Hyudai now wants to hold on the market. Also now based on latest trends and people interest these companies are now focusing to develop large vehicles as electric sedan and SUVs. Know more about how a old book seller become world richest man

First launch in Europe

But here Honda the Japanese motor company had finally decide to put through its all- battery small car. Earlier This has been introduced in Europe also. This Honda e is entirely designed for city roads and comes in a very compact model. Although, The Model 3 Sedan car from Tesla have already dominated the battery EV market. Now Hyundai motor and Audi AG also focused and decided to make SUVs which will mainly designed for long driving.

What is the Range :

These fast charge electric motor e cars are a quite expensive. The important reason behind this is its battery. In a single charge these electric cars can covers the range of approx 750 km. Many companies claim this about these e cars. But This electric car from Honda provides only half of these e cars. As When its compared with the electric vehicles from Tesla’s model 3 It provide half of e battery pack capacity. In this it can only covers 280 km in a single charge. These Motor making companies develops their electric vehicles with a main focus to provide maximum range. But this time Honda in giving just half of the range when its compared to Tesla.

Honda Smallest Electric car
Honda Smallest Electric car

Specialty of Honda E- Car :

  1. Its mainly designed for urban roads. Its city cars.
  2. It can perform well in narrow streets also because of its fast handling feature.
  3. The precise and fast handling is mainly prioritized for this e car by Honda Engineers.
  4. It can easily take U Turn.
  5. Its side mirrors has been replaced.
  6. A big display inside the car is provided for back display.
  7. This side mirror absence will create less collision while parking the car.

Running costs of Honda E-cars:

This electric cars from Honda comes in 29 Lakh Rupees approx or around 33000 euros. The price rate is much more than ZE50 Zoe from Renault.
Comparing The E-car from Honda with this ZE50 from Renault, Honda e car have less space. ZE50 provide much more space and also the driving range.

Launch of Honda e Car :

Currently this electric e car from Honda sold in Japan and Europe only. As Sale will starts in late October. Honda is expecting to sale 1000 units in domestic market and 1000 units on Europe annually. In China market and North America the company will not sale this model. electric cars on the market in India now.

SOme electric cars covers miles on a single charge. Such electric cars could be much more better than Petrol powered car if we consider the pollution meter in mind. The scenario will soon appear when these electric cars will covers all the petrol powered cars. These small electric cars launched currently by different Companies are highly demand able in world.

Lets hope we soon get some cheapest electric cars in consideration which could be afforded by all middle and lower budget peoples. So that we can control the pollution index up to maximum possible level.

History of Electronic cars: Discussed soon !

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