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Harley Davidson Company is about to exit from India

Harley Davidson Company
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Harley Davidson

Friends, today we will discuss the dream bike of every youth about Harley Davidson motorcycles and its company, this bike is the favorite bike of the soldiers and this bike has a very ancient relationship with Wars. This bike was used in World War I. Today, this company has become the largest bike manufacturing company in the world as it is known for its brand loyalty along with quality. This company is 117 years old, William in the year 1901. Harley thought of converting her simple cycle into a motorcycle in which his friend Davidson and his brother helped him. All of these first effort was unfortunately unsuccessful but they all tried again to overcome all the weakness of the model.

Harley – Only the name itself says all. There are a lots of consumers of this company in the world who loved this brand a lot. Also its consider as a road king in India and whole world. In all high end segment bikes the Harley David is the best and it make its own place among all. The bikes of this company is much more costly than a car company prices. Yet there is no shortage of Harley Davidson fans. But there is a bad news for Harley’s fans in India because it is believed that Harley can get over and exit from India. Harley may close its assembling plant in India. Due to declining sales in India, the company has taken this decision. Although Harley Davidson bikes in India are sold as before. Sales

Harley Davidson Company
Richard Teerlink, President and CEO of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

of Harley bikes in India have been falling every year.

Corona Effect on Harley Davidson Company sales

In the Corona period, it reached almost none. This year, Harley sold only 100 motors in India from April to June. While Harley sold 2470 bikes in India in 2019. In the last 10 years, Harley sold around 24,000 motor bikes in India. While Royal Enfield sells around 50000 bikes every month in India. Harley has to decide to discontinue its plan in India because of continued falling sales. Harley sales were steadily decreasing in India, while spending was higher.

This condition worsened during the Corona period. According to the news, Harley can assemble from Thailand by removing its plant from India. Due to Bike assembling in Thailand may also increase its price in India. It is believed that with this the price of this bike can increase from 60 to 50 thousand rupees in India. This company has more than 20 thousand employees all over the country.

Discount offered

In order to increase sales, this company is also offering a full discount of 17thousand rupees on bikes. There are many reasons why Harley Davidson fails in India. As the market for super bikes is very small in India, there are only some enthusiasts people in the big cities who want super bikes. People also did not buy the bikes because of its so high cost.

In the budget super bikes, Harley launched only one model Harley Davidson Street 750. Which was street glide special. If there were a few more options in the budget segment, sales could have increased. Harley did not make local partners in India due to which it did not dominate the Indian market.

Harley is going to become the second American automobile company to move its business from India, before this General Motors has also moved its business to India. General Motors sold its plant in Gujarat in the year 2019. Know more about Iphone12.

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