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Google Calls app Feature will compete with True caller:

Google Calls app
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Google Calls app or Verified calls app :

Google has now launched its new feature of Verified calls, Google Verified Calls app or Google Calls app. This feature will tell users about the calls coming on their Mobile phones. As this will tell them about who is calling, what is the reason of calling. Also it will display the caller logo to the user. As we all are now got fed up with so many of fraud calls so to prevent this feature introduced mainly to curb phone calls fraud. This new feature will give a competition to True caller app.

Increasing problem of fraud calls:

Fraud calls have become one of the biggest problems worldwide. In such a situation, it is believed that by rolling out the Verified Calls feature. The users will be saved from these fraudulent calls. In the case of a business call, the user will easily know who is calling and why. During this time you will see a verified badge of the business. Google will show This only on the verified number.

Including India, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and US this feature will rolled out worldwide.

what you need:

This Google’s new feature phone application by Google launched which comes pre loaded on some of the android devices. This feature likely to be available on all android devices may be from this week.

A verified checkmark in name of any caller, any business name, their logo and numbers reason of call. Also there will be a blue shield appear which display that the call is verified by Google or not in this feature. Some message as like food delivery, transaction activity, flight timing etc will also display in call act section of this feature.

The company also told that a company should have to signup with a Google’s partner in order to verify itself. After verification Google will not store any of their personal information. This could be a plus point for them.
This verified calls feature is only be launched only in some countries such as spain, Brazil, Mexico, US and India.

New function in google phone

In many Android devices this Google app will works as a dailer. It will be an addition to the Google’s pixels series of devices. With the next update in all phones this feature will be available easily. This new Google app can also installed through Google play store if in case its not pre installed in your device. In True caller app this feature is not present yet which is a special feature exist in Google app of telling the reason of calling. This app display what is the reason behind a business call comes to your number.

Benefits of ‘Google verified call’ feature:

This Google app will eliminates all the spam calls which comes on your number. If the app is installed in your devices. As on the basis of a report it has reported that many people got hung up on calls. They lost a lot of amount which may be equal to approx 1000$. Such type of spam or scam business call decrease the trust in business and also increase the cost of customers.

Google Calls app
Google Calls app Feature will compete with True caller

This Google verified call feature of Google Calls app had increase the likelihood of a call answering process. This is revealed while the testing of this feature by Google itself.

Calling cost for Banks decrease and their trust among customers increase:

Suppose if a bank will call their customers and make them alert about any potential fraud then it may increase the rates of answering the call by stating about it. As customer can able to know clearly about the incoming call that its a call from your bank. Also in same way the delivery services and food delivery services can call their customers. They can get answers back very effectively because customer will receive the calls. As they are getting ensure about the incoming numbers and can available to take the orders.

The cost of calling for Businesses also decrease

As the reason of calling display feature on the phone screen. Due to this a real businesses can communicate more effectively and clarity with their clients. As a result the cost of calling for a businesses will decrease because the call rejection frequency will decrease.
This will allow real businesses to communicate with their customers with clarity as the reason for calling will be displayed on the incoming call screen. In return, the business can save calling costs as the number of rejected calls may decrease.

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