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Fastest human calculator 20 Years boy Breaks Shakuntala Devi’s Record

Fastest human calculator
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Introduction of fastest human calculator

Today we are now going to tell you about a human calculator which has also broken the record of Great Shakuntala Devi Ji. This is Neelkanth Bhanuprakash of Hyderabad Telangana. He has won the gold medal in the Maths Olympics. Let’s know his story.

Hearing the name of Olympics, we only remember sports events in our mind. But now know about 20-year-old Neelkanth Bhanu Prakash. He has won the gold medal in the mind Olympics. At the same time, He has achieved the title of being the world’s fastest human calculator.

About Mind sports Olympic and records

The Mind Olympics takes place in London. This Mind sports Olympics was held in London on 15 August. It was attended by 29 scholars from 13 countries. People of upto 58 years took part in this Olympics. Bhanu started studying maths with all his heart from the age of 5. Right now he is studying honors in Maths from a college in Delhi. Neelkanth Bhanu continues to participate in world-class math competitions. Today, he has 7 world records and 50 Limca records of the World Fastest Human Calculator.

Family supports Bhanu and happy for him

Bhanu’s father is very happy with his achievement. Here you can say that Bhanu Prakash is as fast in maths as Usain Bolt in running. According to Neelkanth, math is a big brain game and he wants to completely eradicate the phobia of maths. Bhanu keeps thinking about the points all the time. And now it is the fastest human calculator in the world. He compare maths to splitting. They say that no question arises on those who run fast, but questions always arise regarding mental maths. According to him, when Usain Bolt When He completes the 100 meters race in 79 seconds, we tie bridges to praise him.

He says what is the meaning of someone’s escape compared to cars and plans. In the case of calculus and maths this same happens.It maybe inspires you to do something different. Bhanu is not a born genius. His journey with mathematics started at the age of 5. He had an accident in which his head hurt and he remained in bed for 1 year. He says that his parents were told by doctors that his hearing and smelling power could be affected.

The Way he made himself

Then I started mental maths to keep my mind busy. He says that everyone coming from a middle class family thinks that they get a good job or they get settled by doing some work of their own. He thinks about going to a different field like Maths. But Bhanu had a liking tendency towards Maths, due to which he thought about taking a degree in Maths and that degree is also going to be completed. Bhanu also considers his preparation as the reason for success in big level competitions. It’s not so easy as like you are reading something on table. Its a big mind game. He has developed himself as a good mathematician but also a fast thinker.

His Training for himself

In childhood, he used to practice for 7 to 4 hours every day after coming from school. He does not practice for the mind Olympics as before. Now he keeps thinking about the points all the time. While thinking about the points, he play fast music, play cricket, they also talk to people. He do this so that his brain is Trained to do many things at once.

What he wants about world:

He keeps adding the numbers of every taxi passing by him even if he is talking to someone. Also, when he talks to someone, he also calculates how often he is blinking his eyes. It sounds strange to listen but this keeps your mind going. Bhanu’s goal is not just to break the record. He wants to tell the world by calculating and breaking records that the world needs mathematicians. Maths should be fun for us as well. His real aim is to reduce the fear of math in people so that people say that it is very funny. There is a lot of fear about maths among peoples, this fear also affects his career choice. Bhanu has named many world records and many achievements so far.

That’s all about the story of fastest human calculator in world.

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