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We does not take guarantee of 100% accurate information which are displayed on our website although we had make lots of effort to make each and every information very near to reality.
By using our website technicity18 information you all are going to be agree that due to these information you are responsible for all full risk and harm which if happen with you and others in anyway. Also we technicity18 team is not liable about any of loss or damage if happen due to our information.

The contents and materials such as images, news, headings etc present and provided on website technicity18.com are totally covered under copyright laws. Any of user can use these all only for their personal use educational use. Any type of contents news or images from this website is not be permitted to display anywhere online on any website or webpage without any written permission of technicity18.com. If this happens then it will comes and took under copyright infringements and legal disputes. No one is permitted to republish or paste or transmit or transfer the original content of technicity18.com at any means without our permission.

Any user can take print out of contents for their personal educational purposes. Also we want to prevent the favorable environment and want to fulfill the goal of deliver knowledge and hope all you will understand this.
Also if any of our matter creates any problem to any single user then we will definitely take necessary action towards it. For making us aware about any such issue you can just send us email on our official website [email protected]

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