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Asp dot Net Introduction

Asp dot Net Introduction
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Introduction :

We are going to start a very new and important concepts that is Microsoft asp.net. A type of a programming languages. like we can go through the different kinds of application development such as windows application mobile application web application along with various kinds of services So here in Microsoft asp.net we are going to deal with the website development as asp.net is it dot net technology which goes through the web development only so just for the information like asp.net is not a Framework, asp.net is not a language. Lets gain some basic understanding about ASP.Net.

Its used to make active server pages.

which is it is just a web development technology in dotnet Framework started with asp.net make sure you have a basic idea of dot net framework along with the major languages such as C Sharp and vb.net as while writing the code of of ASP.NET we will use any of the languages as in this tutorial we are going to work with C sharp.net to have a basic idea about it once you are done you are good to start with asp.net core

Hypertext transfer protocol :

Now lets discuss more about asp.net if Here as i have told that it is a web development Technology provided by.net. Framework from Microsoft so you can go for the dynamic website

Asp dot Net
Asp dot Net

development out here when I say dynamic website application means when you will request like what is the website.

What is website:

website is nothing but a collection of web pages. I should say collection of interlinked web pages. That means by the time you are working on a browser you request for a website. The default or the homepage of the index page will be coming by default. If not specify any other page click on a particular link you can jump to any other page.

This is the inter linked web pages but if it is known dynamic pages. That means once a page is on the client browser we will not be able to change the data. We will not be able to make a communication back to the web server.

About C sharp

So if the page is not able to do that it is the normal web-page means the HTML page. In which you can only read the content but you cannot perform any operation. As Like sending the mail or doing any updates. Suppose you are doing now a days in Facebook or any other website.

So here we will be working with the dynamic websites and for writing the code we will use in languages. Such as C Sharp or vb.net. Used building dynamic web

So any of the language can be chosen here we will be working with C sharp.net now. Whenever and I said in the example our client will be requesting for a particular web page on the browser.

hypertext transfer protocol

So whenever this communication on any such communication with take place between the client browser and the web server there will be a protocol which will be http stands for hypertext transfer protocol that means whenever a client we make a request, server will send the hypertext means the HTML which is used to create that particular web page will be sent to the client machine. so here it will be working on HTTP and obviously if you want you can purchase some SSL that is secure socket layer certificate in order to work with me https protocol.

Control several purposes :

Now provide control for several purposes means when you want to design a web page you can get the controls like textbox, label, button, checkbox and so many others. once you have designed a page, if you want to make the validation you can get the validation controls if you want to jump from one page to another, you will get the navigation controls similarly if you want to implement ajax as you will get ajax controls. So here in asp.net we have a list of the controls for the specific purposes.

Enhance state Management :

Whenever a client server communication takes place through http multiple round trip of a page may occur means I got a page I clicked on a Button for a specific action that action needs to be done but during this process the data of the web-page may get lost. So for this state management because of this state management we will not suffer that loss of data as by default state in asp.net offers some state management techniques definitely week as a developer can implement state management as well but few basic things will be provided by default.

Features of ASP.NET :

Now a part from that lets cover some more features of ASP.NET we may use in the website development that is the.

Features of ASP.NET :

In asp.net when you’re working with any particular tool and I’d like Visual Studio. you will get a few things like tables or may be colours different font styles will be there.

You can design a web page once you have design you want to make you website functional. For that usually provide a separate C Sharp page.

where aur VB page where you can write the code for the specific page or you can also create the library is to associate with your website.

Once you are done with such things for the testing things. you will also get the thing like and unit where you can go for the testing and debugging.

2. Testing and debugging :

Testing and debugging and was the complete development is done you Main deploy your website in a web servers. As like guess which we will be doing at the end so there all the features which is provided by asp.net. Know more ABOUT PHP.

in our next head we will discuss about web framework, asp.net web forms,
version of asp.net, application framework etc.,

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