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Apple search engine can shine to beat Google Search Engine.

Apple search engine
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Apple decided to launch its Apple search engine

Apple which is an American company is decided now to launch its own search engine also. So Apple search engine can shine to beat Google Search Engine. It will give a competition to Google. Currently to develop this search engine the company Apple working on launching. Also to develop this Spotlight search engine Apple also hiring engineers. In MAC OS this spotlight feature is very important. Using this feature user can search for different content to the web from their mac book.

Apple Laid out Jobs for Engineers

There are some points also which are given by a tech website Coy Wolf. Its points says that Apple is now probably working on its search engine and is very focused to launch it. Apple has declares jobs for this search engine development to hire engineers. In which natural language processing, Artificial intelligence and machine learning language has mentioned for this job. Also the way in which Apple has laid out these jobs gives sign that company will appoint all these for their project.

Deal between Google and Apple

Actually, Google pays millions to Apple company so that the company can keep Google as a default search engine browser in iPhone, IPad and MAC OS product. As apple bot support these devices only. Also according to some reports says that this deal between Google and Apple can be end soon. Its also has been said in reports that there may be a tough stance taken against Google search engine and Apple for this deal by UK Competition and Market Authority.

Apples’s market shares are higher significantly worldwide this has been declared by the UK Competition and Market Authority. As a result in Such situation, authorities had a view that other search engines are unable to get an opportunity to enter into mobile phone only because of Google search engine. Due to all these reasons now Apple is working for its own independent search engine. Launching its own search Engine. Which may be approx similar to google assistant.

Initially Apple will make its search engine as an option with Google search engine in its device. Later it will publicly launch.

To remain as the Default Search engine Google pays 3 millions to Apple :

To remain the default search on Ios devices Google will pay 3 million dollars to Apple. The news is revealed by American research and brokerage firm. As a note provided to the investors says that in last three years only Google had earned a mark of 1 billion dollar which has been increased up to 3 billion dollars. Also the large part of Apple service only formed by Google fees.

Apple search engine
Apple search engine

According to and analyst Saconagi In 2014, Google paid about 1 billion to Apple, as its revealed in court documents. Which will rise up to 3 billion dollar in this financial year.

Google Contribution in Apple profit

The Apple’s total profit is made by a part of the fees given by Google every year that means clearly 5 percent of the total operating profit of Apple is been contributed by Google only. Also it could be a 25% part of the total OP’s development in two years.

SO its clearly be Explain that For Google search revenue the 50 percent is the contribution of Apple’s iOS devices.

India decided to launch a search engine : Google, China will Compete.

Now in internet search engine field India also wants to launch its own search engine just like Yahoo Internet explorer etc. The main objective of this search engine development is to prevent the fake news in India.

As like CHina Now India is preparing its search engine. If according to sources we say, Mainly to stop fake news this search engine will be develop in India as a part of a large project. This will prevent the exchange of important information from India to other countries and will stop the foreign countries interference. This will also made so that all the internet searches could be done under surveillance of Indian Government.

Withdrawing 1 lakh can create loss of 11 lakh.

Development of the Indian search engine :

There were many speculation has been developed that India will launch such engine which can be able to work like Google. However it will be totally indigenous. Due to this search engine the Privacy of Important information remain intact. Also the users can also get their information through filters.
As a result of all these effort, India can able to stop misleading news so that user can get a valid and real information.

All internet users can be monitored.

Significantly, In India the social media platforms are used in large scale by many peoples. Also they are creating a great impact over the thinking and vision of Indian users. Due to some fake news spread on such social media platform creates voilance among them. These type of voilance are an attempt of antisocial elements. In such situation if there will be a native search engine and a native social media platform will be available then this could be prevented upto maximum level. Also this will stop the interferance of foriegn companies and experts.

China had its own search engine :

In china all these social media platform such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc are completely banned. THere only china made search engine is operating. China also made its own native apps and massengers which work in that country. Due to these native apps and engines nobody can exghange their country informations and can do no intereferance on internet in China. There are also some gateways used by china goverment to monitor all internet activities.

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