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Airtel numbers Data have leaked 25 lakhs registered numbers affected :

Airtel Numbers Data Have Leaked 25 Lakhs Registered Numbers Affected
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25 lakhs registered Airtel mobile numbers Data have leaked:

Shocking! 25 lakhs registered airtel mobile numbers have leaked! Is the country losing its data encryption power? Airtel numbers Data have leaked 25 lakhs registered numbers affected. Is the country losing its talon on the power of data protection of overall population? The leading network providers of the country providently proved to bet incompetent on nation’s digital data security?

Are those network dealers losing public trust day by day?

Would people re-think once again before relying on any private network service tower?

So many analogous questions are bubbling in citizens’ mind at present right after witnessing the parlous data pillage on Airtel service.

What type of Data Leaked: Airtel numbers Data have leaked

 For, just few days back, an egregious news has come front. There They mentioned that 25 lakhs registered mobile numbers got leak on website. There also exist the details of users’ Aadhar ID, name, address, genders and so many other information.. All these users are Airtel service users.

Responsibility of Private Network Dealers is in Doubt :

Immediate after putting forwarded the information by an independent cyber security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia. Citizens now get frightened and pointing towards nation’s responsibility on encrypting confidential data. So as the authority of these private network dealers.

Airtel Numbers Data Have Leaked 25 Lakhs Registered Numbers Affected
Airtel Numbers Data Have Leaked 25 Lakhs Registered Numbers Affected

What Report Says about Airtel numbers Data have leaked

According to the report and as by the opinion of Airtel. The incident has incepted back in 12th December, 2020. Through the hand of few hackers, who have committed the crime and repeatedly threatening Airtel. They were asking to a pay of worth of $3500 bitcons, if willing to retrieve the data. After a prolonged verbose cat fight, menace and blackmails between Airtel and hacker groups.

Terror Inside

 It seems they have undertaken the decision of selling the confidential bugle. When they got frustrated and welcome a real terror inside the country! As anticipated by Airtel leaders.

Service Providers Talk to Citizens:

 Although, at present the service provider has tried to assure the citizens. They have not to worry. The Provider have deployed essential actions against this criminal step. The website have completely deactivated. From where the transgression has committed. Now all the data that have violated or pirated are in safe custody. Providers marked.

Major Users Estimated :

It’s also been estimated the major users of this 25 lakhs numbers are resident of Jammu and Kashmir. Majority of this data have traced via true caller. However, needful data security has already been provided to those areas and people. From whom or how pillage accomplished.

mobile numbers Data have leaked – Could leads to Many Problems:

The time or decade world is phasing through no doubt is under the shadow of network superstructure. Hence, pillage of network security or data theft would not be that incongruous to this context. But, the problem will arise if vast database from a sensitive part of the country gets thieved.

Types of Problems

 It could lead to numerous kinds of problems. They are may or may not be possible to anticipate! It may provoke to political hegemonies, turmoils, or anything. Which may welcome an unwelcoming situation near future.

The Action required

Therefore, it’s better that govt. and the private network providers to pay attention. Particularly the opulent ones, they should pay vigilant attention on cyber sequirity and nation’s data protection act. In order to avoid these types of fatal and scary nuances.  Let’s hope both the govt. and private network supplier will pay public’s concern on data protection and security of commoners.

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