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About Facebook. Do you know Its History Pros and Cons:

facebook history
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What is Facebook :

What is Facebook. Its an American online company of social media and social networking based in Menlo Park, palo alto California. On February 4, 2004 this website launched named as Facebook. Its a free social networking platform on internet. After some years of launch its got so much popularity.
On this website anyone can register completely free. He/She should be at least 13 years. As after registration you can contact your friends and relatives and also you can make new friends.
Facebook can be used in any device having an internet connection. Such as mobile, laptop pc tablets etc. While registration on Facebook one should have to enter its name, address, profession, occupation, school college name etc. Its also required other various personal information. you can post your status and also your ongoing thoughts.

History of facebook :

Facebook is invented by mark Elliot Zukerberg. he was born in 1984 May 14 in United states.
Zukerberg has developed Facebook with the help of his friends also which were from Harvard University. They all were studying and living together with Zukerberg. These friends were Andrew AcCollum, Chris Huges and Eduardo Saverin. They all had contributed in Facebook development.

Zukerberg is now 37 years old approx. So its shows that the Facebook and its development is not so old.
Its developed and launched just a decade ago. As the history of facebook is very interesting and exciting. In a very short period of time Facebook reached to its highest success. Its also had set an example for others. Now Facebook value raised 16 billion dollars.

Initial Launch of Facebook :

Initially zuckerberg launched Facebook only at college level. AT initial stage as It was developed by Mark and his friends of Harvard University so the membership of Facebook was limited only for Harvard university fellow students. Later after some time this got spread over other colleges and higher education Institution. As like Standford University Boston.
After getting good response in this level later Facebook announced membership opened for all peoples of age group above 13 years.
In 2012 february, For the first time The value of this company was 104 billion dollars. AT this stage now Facebook started its stock selling after 3 months. Also most of the revenue earned by Facebook was through advertising.

Never post these things on Facebook

On Facebook who is seeing our profile or who is reading about us on our profile we never get to know. So in such type of situation to prevent yourself and for you and your family safety. You should not post any of your personal data on Facebook:

When we talk about social networking. In this friend none can beat Facebook in today’s era. if you are not updating your status on this website. You will uploading your photos or getting engaged to any of quiz on Facebook.
We started spreading and sharing our personal information about ourselves and our family on Facebook. This is done by us knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes we share those information about which we do not want to tell to any stranger. To hide our such personal information we do some privacy settings correctly also and think that there is nothing to worry about now.

we feel safe completely after making those settings between our frinds and family circle. Still here the problem not resolve. As we never get to know that at what time who is seeing and reading our personal information on Facebook. Most probably it may be possible that any of our friends account to be hacked as he/she had downloaded any such application on his/her phone. Also he/she had forgot to logout from the account and any other person start using his account.

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These are some of cases that can ever be happened nobody knows. So to prevent yourselves from such situations do not enter or provide some of the information on Facebook account :

a) Birthdates of yourself and your family

As we all feel very happy when we see the Massage “happy Birthday” on Our Facebook profile / wall on your birth date. This may be a reason why we all love to celebrate our birthdays on Facebook. But While doing this Unknowingly we are providing our personal information to strangers also. So to prevent we should not mention our date of birth completely on Facebook as it may create a danger for us. Still if you want to enter then please do not make clear anything about your birth year. As your true and close friends will always remember about your birthday.

b) If you are alone at home, Take care :

If your children are alone at home then in this case Parents should have to take care about a point. That neither they nor their children should post anything about them in their status on Facebook. AS mentioning such current status you are giving the information of being alone at your home, to all your Facebook friends and strangers also. You are informing them clearly. Never mention such things on Facebook.

c) Relationship Status :

This is the option you need not to disclose publicly. you are in a relation or not its your personal matter. If you mention your status as committed or single etc then you are giving information to those people who are behind you for long time. Knowing about your “single” status they can create problems also. SO its much better make that column empty. Do not mention anything there.

We actually feel that only our friends and relative are reading our information. Its may be not true as today’s era hacking is one of the most bigger problem in internet world. So nobody knows who are reading our information. It may be possible your friend account got hacked or anyone had secretly read the information about someone. AS the status and personal post can provide such information to them. Also you never knows that sometime person standing behind you also can read personal information in office or in metro or while travelling also. So the best way not to upload and post such things on your profile.

d) Your Current Location :

Many users love to tag and mention their current locations on Facebook. Its providing your location information and telling that where you live in 24 hours. As like you declaring as “you are on holiday” or there is none in your house. This make clear that for how many days you are out and nobody if in your house. Such information acts a boon for thieves and they can create problem for you and your family.
The best way to mention all these things is to post all the photos and information after you return to your home. Also you can tell your friends that you were enjoying when they were working.

e) Tag the picture of your children with their names:

Everyone loves their children very much. Also we all can go up to any extend to make them safe and secure. Most people post their children photos and videos and tag their names on that. There are many such peoples who tag everything about their children as their full name , date of birth just after delivery etc on photos.
All these information can be used by strangers to make your children entertained. they can also try to win your children trust and then they can create tough situations for you as they know the names of you children and their siblings.

Using such information they gradually make space between your children and convinced them that they are not strangers. Then at anytime they can make their wrong intentions to be fulfill very easily. So to make safe never post such things also on Facebook. Stop posting photos of children with their names and other details.

Benefits of Facebook –

  • Using Facebook anyone can promote their businesses as there are millions users now. There is now about more than 3 billions Facebook users in world. You can make your brand popular using Facebook. Make your brand to reach to perfect audience in a very low cost.
  • On Facebook you can gain information about any topic very easily. You can also find various categories, you can get news and other information also.
  • In today time nobody has time to meet each other. So with the help of Facebook you can remain connected to your all friends and relatives every time and can talk to anyone at anytime.
  • With the help of Facebook you can spread you thoughts and believes easily to all of your friends. Sharing your thoughts on your wall make your friends to recognize about your personality and thinking.

Disadvantages of Facebook –

  • Mentioning your phone numbers can provide your personal information to strangers also. It may be leaked.
  • Most of today teenagers developing their fake self identity. Due to the influence of media and other popular culture. They had now starting evaluating themselves according ot their appearances.

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