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A ray of hope for 11 million immigrants including 8 lakhs Indians in US

us citizenship act 2021 for immigrant
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The newly promulgated US citizenship act, 2021: a ray of hope for 11 million immigrants including 8 lakhs Indians

us citizenship act 2021 for immigrant
us citizenship act 2021 for immigrant

Just winning after nationwide electoral pole and making a grand entry to the White House, the very new US president Joe Biden seems to pivot lots of major changes both to the country upcoming days and have a strong impact on international affairs. Most of these will harbringe positive impact–that’s certitude. The newly promulgated US citizenship act, 2021 can be taken as a rigorous example that has already passed by White House members. It’s being anticipated that this new bill—if considered as final by the end of this year, will open a wide door of opportunities for almost 11 million international immigrants, including 8 million Indians—who have been struggling for Green Card facility over last 10 years. However, final opinions of Congress and Senate members are yet to be considered although a positive anticipation has already been hinted from their side.

What will be possible and positive results—conjectured by this newly proposed bill?

The new bill if finally undertaken would felicitate international immigrants through providing permanent citizenship by giving Green cards and successfully usurping H1B visa, which permits a stay of only five years. The reason main reason for this wide liberty given to international citizens—is bolstering country’s socio-economic environment and making it transdence. Hence, superior intelligence and cognoscente from all parts of the world will certainly help to boost country’s economy. Thus, this newly proposed bill completely contradicts former president Donald Trump’s citizenship act, where a serious blockade had been build up in providing H1B visa and providing Green Cards among immigrants, following a path of lottery system. Albeit, Biden’s law does also follow the previous lottery system but it’s associated with a wide range of liberty and relaxation.

What facilities will be given to immigrants if enacted?

  • First the whole 11 million immigrants or undocumented residents will be given a period of three years to solve all blockages, back logs and related problems on their Visas.
  • Elimination of per country quota for work will fasten the process of getting employment based Green card and eventually legalize permanent residency of these immigrants.
  • Extension of H1B visa for work and gradually transferred into Green Card holdings.
  • Allows permanent residency to candidates’ dependents. That is those candidates have applied for a Green card can include their families in their application.
  • Lastly, liaise as well as legalize a safe and honorable stay in the country

How Indians would be benefitted by the law?

As 8 lakhs Indians fall into the list, they will also give same priority and opportunities as well. Particularly, it will ameliorate candidates of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and IT professionals—who has occupied a significant percentage in the list. The bill will immensely help them for getting expedient Green Card faculties.

What’s the reaction been noticed?

It’s redundant to underline that the impact will fast and highly overwhelming. Within this time gap total number of registration has taken a wide leap from 55K to 80K, almost a jump of 20%. Thus it’s lucid to project that by the year’s end an astounding response will be produced.

Hitherto, let’s presume that the proposed bill will light a hope of ray for the whole 11 million of undocumented immigrants to land into a safe and fast residence on the country including Indians as well against the prolonged and tiring fight for getting extended H1B Visa and extended work permission.

By Arundhati Medda

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