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7th Pay commission Update : Benefits on DA and DR

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7th Pay commission Latest update : 5 major changes for central govt. Employees including benefits on DA and DR 

7th Pay commission Update : The 7th pay commission of the central government released a latest appraisal report on July 1,  regarding the due benefits of the central government employees, which seemed to be a great relief to the all central govt. Employees of all verticals. As per the report of the pay matrix commission has focused on an aggregation of 5 major benefits that are going to be in effect from September. At the same time the reformed sheet of the pay commission has also kept a sharp focus on the due revival of DA and DR for the total 52 lakh civilian employees and pensioners. Let’s take a smart snippet on all these promulgated reports which seemed to be a great aid in future.

1. DA (Dearness Allowance) and DR (Dearness Relief) hike

As per the commission guidelines, all the central govt. Employees and pensioners would likely get their due hike from coming september. Although the percentage of hike is yet to be cleared, as per the report the employees and pensioners would start getting the benefit from July 1. However, the commission is in a final discussion with the National council of JCM to finalise and resort to DA and DR benefits.

2. House Building Advance (HBA) Benefits

The pay matrix board has also put their attention on HBA benefits on this new guideline. In this new report, it’s stated that a central govt.employee can lend a home loan of any amount at an interest of 7.9% in order to construct their own house. However, keeping in mind the 7th pay matrix and 7th CPC approval, the centre latest has conducted a revision of HBA benefits and made it available till March 31, 2022.

3. Revised and simplified Pension benefits

Under the commission guidelines, pensioners and their families would tremendously be benefited on these simplified regulations. On a note from Dr. Jitendra Sings, due to the ramshackle impact of covid pandemic the family pension rules have been simplified, putting out a serious emphasis on the latest reforms of Department of pension and pension welfare (DoP & PW). He also said, in the reformed guidelines, the process of provisional family pension would be hastened and immediately sanctioned either on the claiming receipt from family pensioners or death certificate. He is confident in the outcome of the hastening process regulation to be very positive, which earlier was tedious and full of formalities.

4. Increased time span on submitting Travel Allowance (TA)

Despite DA and DR benefits, another positive impact would also be notching the employees by this new rule. As per the report on the same memorandum, the limit to submit TA has been revised and extended. By this rule, all cent. Govt. employees can now and then submit their TA within 60-180 days after commencing the journey.

5. Generation of pension slip via sms, whatsapp and mail

The central govt has asked respective banks to generate pension invoices and allow a fast reaching out to the pensioners via most expedited digital platforms namely sms, whatsapp and email. This process has come into light with a sole target to make the pay slip generation method more viable and easy to derive, for the pensioners. However, the rule has come into effect from July 1.

Albeit, all these 5 major changes are yet to be formalised and sanctioned, still it’s clear that the entire colony of 52 lakhs central employees as well as pensioners would be going to be vividly advantageous by the new pay commission roster. Let’s hope for a better appraisal and marked benefit on these new guidelines that will meet as well as bolster employees’ basic essentials in future.

7th Pay commission Update : About 7th pay commission: all information in brief

The Pay commission is a special branch of Govt. of India which is involved with making changes and recommendations related to salary structure, pay slip of the central govt. employees from 1947. The pay commission is ramified into 7 segments and the Seven pay commission is the last division of the entire pay scale which specifically deals with salary structure and changes of military and civil officials.

The 7th pay matrix table

It’s a salary matrix table for all the civil employees that tabulates pay scale bands as per employee’s grade and grade pay scale. By this table, all the employees under the segment derive a clear idea of individual pay band and benefits. Moreover, it merges down pay related inequalities among employees of a special grade and keeps the salary structure as most valid and without partialities.

The 7th CPC

The 7th CPC or 7th central pay commission, committed to generating salary structure and slips only for central civil officers and armed officials. The pay commission also preoccupies to remove salary related nuances and partialities for the officials of this group.

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